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org::mathpiper::ui::gui::MultiSplitPane Class Reference

Inherits javax::swing::JPanel.

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Detailed Description

All properties in this class are bound: when a properties value is changed, all PropertyChangeListeners are fired.

Hans Muller

Definition at line 47 of file MultiSplitPane.java.

Public Member Functions

Divider activeDivider ()
AccessibleContext getAccessibleContext ()
DividerPainter getDividerPainter ()
final MultiSplitLayout getMultiSplitLayout ()
boolean isContinuousLayout ()
 MultiSplitPane ()
void setContinuousLayout (boolean continuousLayout)
void setDividerPainter (DividerPainter dividerPainter)
final void setDividerSize (int dividerSize)
final void setModel (Node model)

Protected Member Functions

void paintChildren (Graphics g)

Private Member Functions

void cancelDrag ()
void clearDragState ()
void finishDrag (int x, int y)
void repaintDragLimits ()
void startDrag (int mx, int my)
void updateCursor (int x, int y, boolean show)
void updateDrag (int mx, int my)

Private Attributes

AccessibleContext accessibleContext = null
boolean continuousLayout = true
DividerPainter dividerPainter = new DefaultDividerPainter()
MultiSplitLayout.Divider dragDivider = null
int dragMax = -1
int dragMin = -1
int dragOffsetX = 0
int dragOffsetY = 0
boolean dragUnderway = false
Rectangle initialDividerBounds = null
boolean oldFloatingDividers = true


class  AccessibleMultiSplitPane
class  DefaultDividerPainter
class  DividerPainter
class  InputHandler

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